Most Common Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents in Daytona, FL

May 25, 2023

Helmets can reduce the risk of head injuries by 69%. Yet, many people still take to the road without the right safety precautions. If you’re not cautious, you can suffer from severe injuries from motorcycle accidents. So, what do you do if you have a motorcycle accident?

First, you need to learn about common motorcycle accident injuries so you know what steps to take if you experience them when driving. It’s helpful to remind yourself of the risks when you put on your helmet, as this reinforces why it’s crucial to be prepared for the worst-case scenario and remain vigilant.

Keep reading to discover frequent motorcycle accident injuries may require a lawyer.

Types of Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents

Depending on the rider, most people ride motorcycles for work or leisure. No matter if you need to operate a motorcycle for work or not, injuries from motorcycle accidents, are always the same. When you’re driving, your entire body is exposed, which means there are different types of injuries that occur.

For example, the two separate categories for common motorcycle accidents are upper-extremity and lower-extremity injuries. Due to the design of motorcycles, injuries are more life-threatening as you aren’t protected the same way as a car. Your head, legs, and torso are at risk of being hurt.

Anything in your body can be injured during a collision, so here is more information on motorcycle accidents.

What Are Upper-Extremity Injuries?

Upper-extremity injuries include the head, throat, neck, and face. But this category also covers parts of the abdomen. One reason that upper-extremity injuries are typical for motorcycle riders is that the vehicle is not as heavy as cars. So, if there’s a collision is easier for it to turn over and injure people.

Motorcycles come into contact with side railings and other small hazards, which makes them more dangerous for the upper part of your body. This is why it’s essential to wear a protective jacket, helmet, and gloves if possible. These clothing items will give you extra protection and padding for a potential motorcycle accident injury.

Lower-Extremity Injuries

The lower part of your body, like your legs and hips, is often the first area to get injured in an accident. If the injury is not treated quickly, it can lead to permanent disability and inability to walk. For many people, this is something that prevents them from learning to ride a motorcycle.

But you shouldn’t have to stop riding because of a possible injury. Watching speed limits and being reactive to dangers on the road can help keep you safe from collisions. Even though broken legs or spines can lead to long-term damage, other issues like road rash are normal on motorcycles.

Road rash is when a part of the body is dragged across the road. After scraping the surface, the rider develops a rash that resembles a burn. Some road rashes will need surgery, such as a skin graft, to repair the broken skin and heal the wound.

Other people can limit the effects by wearing protective clothing and driving at a slow pace.

A doctor will determine the level of injury from road rash based on first, second, and third-degree symptoms. First-degree road rash is when the skin is mildly irritated and inflamed. Second-degree road rash is when the skin is broken, but the remaining layer is intact.

Finally, third-degree road rash is when all layers of skin have been damaged, reaching the layer of fat underneath.

Other Motorcycle Accidents

In the lower-extremity and upper-extremity categories, individual injuries can affect riders for months. In most cases, people must follow medical treatment for weeks or months until the area is fully healed. The head can experience a range of injuries both externally and internally.

Internal brain injuries are classified as traumatic brain injuries (TBI). As Florida continually ranks as one of the top three places for motorcycle-related fatalities, it’s essential to do everything you can to prevent brain damage. Helmets will give you peace of mind when driving and also ensure your head is less impacted by a collision.

Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries happen during motorcyclists and can be fatal. Your spine can suffer from fractures or permanent disability. Here are other injuries that occur in motorcycle accidents:

  • Abdominal bruising or lacerations
  • Broken hands and arms
  • Foot and leg damage
  • Face disfigurement

The most important thing to do if you have a motorcycle accident injury is to seek help and get in contact with a motorcycle accident lawyer. Follow these safety tips so you can enjoy riding for years to come and ride without worrying about breaking your neck or injuring your spine.

Safety Advice for Motorcyclists in Dayton, FL

As mentioned earlier, helmets are the best way to protect your head. But what other safety advice is important for motorcyclists? It will vary from person to person, so you must consider how you ride and the distance you’ll travel when on your motorcycle.

Wearing the right clothes is vital, so you should look at your wardrobe and check that you have the correct clothing. The outfit you wear for motorcycles is different from your everyday clothes. If it’s a really hot day and the sun is shining, you need to wear long sleeves and a helmet.

If you have an open-face helmet, you’ll have to buy a pair of goggles or glasses. Your eyes need to be protected when on the road from dirt or debris, as this can make driving harder. Eyewear is also essential because sunlight can be bright and cause collisions.

Don’t Push Your Limits

Driving feels different for everyone, which means some people are comfortable driving for hours or just a few minutes. Buying a motorcycle that fits your body without feeling too heavy is important. So, you need to take your time researching brands and exploring the designs.

But, when mapping driving routes, it’s crucial to think about the speed and length. This is particularly important if you’re new to motorcycles and learning the controls. Although new motorcyclists will likely experience injuries, riders with years of knowledge can still face problems.

Reminding yourself of safety precautions by taking new classes or getting a new qualification. There’s always something to do that can improve your driving skill and make it easier for you to ride on the road. If you like to ride in groups, don’t push yourself to catch up with other riders.

Take your time and be present on the road so you don’t have a motorcycle accident.

Always Know the Weather Forecast

Weather is a huge safety concern for riders, as wet surfaces can increase the risk of injuries. Unlike cars, motorcycles only have two wheels, so you don’t have the same control over the gears. There’s less friction between the wheels and the road, which makes driving dangerous when the weather changes.

To avoid riding in foggy climates, look at the weather forecast daily to prepare for the next ride. Plus, try to ride in summer when the weather is cool in the evening or early morning. This will give you the confidence to ride and be comfortable so you don’t put other riders on the road at risk too.

Downloading a weather app or checking online are great ways to look up the weather forecast. But you should still wear protective clothing and a helmet at all times.

When to Get a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accident lawyers are essential for riders that have experienced collisions and need legal advice. The sooner you can contact a lawyer, the better. So, knowing where to look when you need emergency assistance will save you time and provide you with support.

If you suffer from a serious injury, need to write a claim, or have to contact an insurance company get in contact with our team. Our website has the resources to help you navigate a motorcycle accident and find the right solution for you. The positive results show that we care about our clients and help them recover from their injuries.

Lawyers for All Motorcyclists

This list of injuries from motorcycle accidents can feel daunting, and riders need to get support if they are facing an injury claim. Lawyers can be a lifeline when you’re going through a hard time, like suffering from a traumatic brain injury or broken bones.

So, to make the process easier, let us take care of the legal case to ensure you have the outcome you deserve.

We offer a free case review for people looking for advice from professionals who want to have a qualified lawyer by their side. Contact us to find out about our services, and call us to talk about the next steps.

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